Storeton Woods: Quarry

Storeton Woods Old quarry that dates back to the roman occupation in the 19th century were workers of the quarry removed the creamy sandstone rock from the ground and transported it quayside at Bromborough, to be exported all over the world or locally as a key building material.

During the use of the quarry within the sandstone in 1830’s a strange foot print was found this unknown dinosaur footprint was named “Chirotherium Storetonese” (named after the location it was found) for further information on this dinosaur please visit our website page: Chirotherium

This sandstone has been found in Birkenhead Town Hall, Sankey Viaduct and so it’s rumoured the Cladding on the Empire State Building as well as used for Anglo-Saxon and medieval sculpture.

Storeton Woods quarry total depth was around 200ft (61 metre) deep, but was filled in from the excavations of the Queensway tunnel in 1920.

A section of the tramline still exists for further information please visit our website page: Tramlines

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