Storeton Woods: Milliennium Holms

The Holm Oaks (Quercus Ilex)

In 1997 the FOSW committee decided to commemorate the new Millennium (2000) with the planting of a tree and it was decided that the Holm Oak would be a suitable specimen. We were advised by our Woodland Trust officer to plant 3 trees as sometimes failures occur.

On 5th May 1998, 3 pot grown Holm Oaks were planted in the big glade and nurtured over the year helped by the wet weather we had over the following months.
The sandstone plinth was sourced from within the woods and a local company cast the plaque. A local stonemason cut /fixed the casting into the stone.

On the 2nd January 2000, the Mayor & Mayoress of Wirral carried out the unveiling of the plaque as seen today.
The 3 trees grew steadily until the end of 2014 when the strong winds and wintery weather caused one of them to “fall” over. It was cut off at the base and may grow in years to come.

Source: Barrie Old