Are you interested in joining Friends of Storeton Woods?

Friends of Storeton Woods’s members support the following goals:

As a member you are kept up-to-date with un-edited version of F.o.S.W Newsleaf as well as the ability to have your own say in the running of F.o.S.W by joining the committee.

We run a volunteer based work day events which members are always welcome (as well as the public)

We don’t have a contract you need to worry about just need to give £3 per person per annum or if you want to £60 for a life time membership. 

Your details will NOT be passed on to any third party companies.

In 25 years of Friends of Storeton Woods, we haven’t increase our prices like other charities.

Please download this Membership Application Form if you’re interested.
If you would like to cancel your subscription please contact us through the website or the Treasurer Direct with address provided in latest Membership Application Form.