About Friends of Storeton Woods

In 1986 Scott’s Woods was mainly used for motorbike scrambles, “war games” and shooting birds but it was completely legal as the organisers had permission of the owner of the woods who charged for these activities.  This constant noise pollution, destruction of the land and killing of wildlife had a damaging effect to the local wildlife and local residents found this upsetting, so they banded together under a common goal to buy the land and restore the woods.

Friends of Storeton Woods (F.O.S.W) was established in 1989, when local residents of Bebington started to raise funds to buy the neglected Scott’s Woods, with help from the Woodland Trust.  The F.O.S.W managed to raise £20,000 which was matched by the Woodland Trust to buy the land for £32,000 (£1,000 per acre) from the original owner.

To this date F.O.S.W main goals and roles still stand:-