Storeton Woods

By Kitty Stower

A thanksgiving for the saving of the woods, early spring 1990.Snowdrops

Winter winds have been astir,
And left the woodland branches bare,
Within the frost-bound, frozen thickets,
The near-extinguished life-force flickers,
Threatened by icy, vice-like hands,
The future of the woods in balance hangs,
That so much of beauty should be at an end,
Let Faith, and Hope, and Charity forfend.

Events not pre-ordained in Nature's plan,
May be averted with the help of Man,
When David flung the stone he could not tell,
How far the ripple in the pool would swell,
And cause a wave - an overwhelming tide,
But giant oaks from such small acorns rise,
Now warmed by Springtime sun, refreshed by rain,
Rejoice! Rejoice! - our Woodland lives again.