Song of Spring

By Linda Tilston


Just like Mole from The Wind in the Willows, I was impatient to be out, to where the spring was calling to me. I stopped to stare, before stepping into Storeton Woods, and I marvelled out how much change could come to the trees within a few weeks...

Birdsong floated from tree to tree, like musical notes that herald the spring. Spring - as new as tomorrow and yet far older than Vivaldi's lovely music where he paid tribute to all four seasons.

If the heartbeat of winter is slower, as measured as a caterpillar before it turns into a beautiful butterfly, then that of spring is frenetic, as impatient as adolescence can be, and just as moody. Spring - with snowdrops and crocuses fighting their way to the surface, and then the transient beauty of frilly, pink blossom, and the Mayflowers that scent the air in a pungent, not exactly sweet way but with an aroma that makes you take notice. Spring - with its lengthening days as the sun moves from its winter position as the Equinox makes a `click' that marks this season. Spring - with its days of showers, as if the season is edging on tears as if it wants to get things right for us, yet will soon smile on us again when the sun - a vital part of nature coaxes the sleeping earth to awake.