Storeton Radar Station

By Chris Kay

I thought this photo might be of interest. It’s an RAF reconnaissance photo from May 1946. When I joined the Friends of Storeton Woods, I asked many members whether they remembered the old radar station near the top of Lever Causeway, but nobody did. After the war, it was abandoned, with much of the equipment intact. I used to play there. Although it doesn’t show on the photo, there was a tall pylon, much like an electricity pylon, with an aerial on the top. I’ve marked the location of the site with a red dot on the photo. There is still a field gate from the Causeway where the entrance was. The scale of the photo is about 12 inches to 1 mile.

The photo also contains a few other points of interest. The blue arrow points to the old line of Marsh Lane, which ran parallel to the Causeway to where it turned left at the bottom. Little evidence of it remains, but before the Lever Causeway was built, it was a route from Birkenhead to Storeton. (Otherwise you would have to go via Rest Hill Road). At the top left of the photo you can see that the roads of the Mount estate have been laid out, but no houses built yet; Pennine Rd. & Brecon Rd. are very clear. Interesting to see that Broadway & a few other roads round there appear to have been re-surfaced with concrete.

r.a.f. reconnaissance photo 1946

* Permission for the publication of this photo has been obtained from the National Monuments Records division of English Heritage.